FIX: DVR Scientific Atlanta 8300HD No HDMI Output

Problem: Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR Box No HDMI Output
2 months ago, I’ve seen this problem when I transferred my 8300HD box from the family room to my daughter’s bedroom.  The old DVR connection of my Samsung DLP TV was only a component connection. TV is a bit old and had no HDMI input.  My daughter’s new HDTV had 3 HDMI and so why not connect with HDMI instead of a component connection. I tried … but failed.  I spent hours trying to look for answers and could not find one and even google did not yield any solution and so I told my daughter that she don’t really need an HDMI connection.

A week ago, Tour de France 2012 started and I needed to record some good TDF stages for later viewing but then I discovered that the hard drive of the DVR in my master’s bedroom started making a “clicking noise” and the DVR app warned that I cannot record anymore shows.  I called Time Warner tech support and told me that I needed to swap the box. I had two choices, wait for a week for the technician to come by or go to the nearest TWC office and swap the box.  I choose to DIY the swap and that is where the fun begins. The DVR box that I picked up, the HDMI output is dead-no video output but when I tried the component video connection, it works.  I borrowed my daughter’s DVR box and the same symptom-no HDMI output.  I had two DVR boxes in the house and none works with HDMI and I was challenged/determined to solve the problem…. I did not give up too easily and started looking at serial numbers at the back of the two boxes that has no HDMI output.  I saw no pattern of numbers but when I checked on my son’s DVR box, I saw a different style box.  The box looks the same [front side] but the back connection and tags were not the same.

Long story short, I went back to the local TWC office and requested another swap but this time I requested the boxes with “Made By Cisco” label.  The lady at the TWC office tried to convince me that all boxes work with the newer TV’s but I insisted and she gave me what I requested.  I went home, plug all the connection and 15 minutes later, all HMDI output working. Case closed.

Later I found that Scientific Atlanta was acquired by Cisco in 2005 [view article].

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD [old version, HDMI not working]

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Made By CISCO [new version with HDMI working]

Next Project: Hard Drive upgrade – 8300HD



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